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Informational Videos
This video details an item level tag track & trace solution based upon SATO’s iTrak RFID/Barcode WMS created by SAI’s ISD team.
This video shows how RFID technology is utilized throughout the BMW assembly line. BMW’s state of the art technology includes RFID readers which are an essential part of their day to day operations in Munich.
This video shows how RFID technology is implicated in the health care system and hospitals. RFID makes hospitals more efficient and less dependent on paper and filing.
A wearable RFID solution is featured. It shows how efficiently Franwell’s RFID Sleeve can help a warehouse worker track cases of inventory during the pick and putaway process.
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A general informational video pertaining to the products sold and the services provided at IC-TAG Solutions Inc.
A quick demonstration of how Walt Disney World is using RFID Technology in their hotels. A quick scan of your RFID room card is all it takes to enter one's room.