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The perfect match to our labels

IC-TAG's thermal transfer ribbons are proven to provide optimum print quality, especially when paired with one of our labels.

Please ask us for our IC-TAG Ribbon and Label Bundle Packs: Your perfect labels and ribbon, matched and packed conveniently in one box so you never have more of one than the other, saving you money and time.
We also offer a wide variety of different colors and variety upon request.

IC-TAG Solutions provides a variety of flexible thermal transfer ribbon options to meet any application need. Our selection is comprised of a wide range of wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbon thermal transfer printer supplies. Please see the following stock ribbon names and its specifications:

  • Resin enhanced wax ribbon
  • Prints at high speeds (12 IPS)  
  • Printhead cleaner built in your ribbon
  • Anti-static - ideal for RFID
  • Wax ribbon for printing on a variety of substrates from uncoated papers to mid-range synthetic films
  • Prints at high speeds (12 IPS) delivering crisp, rotated bar codes
  • Enhanced smudge and scratch resistance
  • Ideal for crisp, rotated bar codes and dark, durable images
  • Used in a variety of applications such as shipping, logistics, inventory, horticulture, shelf, retail, and pharmaceutical

  • Versatile and durable Wax/Resin ribbon
  • Prints at low temperatures and high speeds (12 IPS)
  • Delivers crisp, rotated bar codes
  • Produces darkest images possible from a general purpose ribbon

  • Resin ribbon for printing on coated and synthetic paper substrates
  • Anti-static for easy handling and extended printhead life
  • Recommended for use in extreme heat conditions (up to 428°F)
  • Produces clean, durable, and dense bar codes

Color Ribbons
Color Ribbons will make your images or text pop when paired with thermal transfer printing, assuring quick visual recognition for coding, stocking, tracking, or retrieving merchandise. for more information click Color Thermal Ribbons .

  • Many colors available
  • For both near edge and flathead printers
  • Various levels of durability

There are ribbons beyond those listed that may be suitable for your application. Please click here or go to our Product Catalog for more info.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
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