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RFID Solutions
Customized solutions for each and every customer

IC-TAG's main focus is to provide you with customized RFID solutions. We are devoted to advancing RFID technology by designing and manufacturing HF and UHF RFID labeling products that help improve safety and efficiency in everyday operations.  RFID Labels and tags promote greater power efficiency, enable more features, enhance performance, and deliver more value. Our RFID labels and tags are specifically designed to optimize your equipment performance. We can accommodate any printer, any label size, and any HF and UHF tag placement you need. Our application knowledge base includes understanding of many readers and printers, so that we can provide tags and labels for optimum speed and yields at minimal cost to you.

We offer planning, integration and support with our knowledgeable and experienced staff that understands the RFID technology and its positive impact on your business or facility. IC-TAG can also help your company ensure reliable DoD RFID and UID compliance.

Guidelines for Implementing RFID
Before implementing an RFID system, we recommend that you consider some of the following variables:

  • Type of label (paper or film) and label size
  • Operating environment for the label or tag
  • Encoding content on the label or tag
  • Read rate and range for the tagged products
  • Inlay preference (if any)
  • Any logo or barcode information printed on the label or tag
  • Reader-Encoder and/or Thermal RFID printer to encode and print

Better ID with RFID™
IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. provides useful information for the successful implementation of an RFID system, click here to find out more.

We will work to find you the best solution for your RFID labeling needs, while keeping price of RFID system affordable.

Inlay portfolio
We carry many different inlay types that come in a wide range of sizes, performance characteristics and frequencies. Our team will help you determine the best inlay match for your label or tag that will work best for your application needs.

Please click here for our selection of our most popular UHF and HF inlays.

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